behind the scents: the fall collection

behind the scents: the fall collection

so many people ask me how i come up with scents, where i find the inspiration for them and how i decide which scents fit in each collection. the short answer? i’m inspired by people, places, and things that are tied to specific season, time or event. 

for the fall collection, i wanted it to be full of feelings that are inspired by a season that is cozy, colorful and calm as we wind down from the never ending plans of the summer and before the commotion of the upcoming holidays. i think what inspires me the most about fall is all of the colors- the way the leaves turn from green to red, orange and yellow, a grey and gloomy fall day, and the snug, warm ambiance from a good candle while cuddled up on the couch. 

these six scents are my vision of fall- all different and unique in their own way but a variety to appeal to everyone’s tastes. i hope that you find a scent (or scents) that you love and enjoy as much as i loved curating these for you. 


fallen leaves

top notes: citrus, cinnamon + chrysanthemum
middle notes: apple, berry + green leaves
base notes: pecan + cedar

fallen leaves was such a hit last fall that i had to bring it back! it’s earthy, sweet, and fruity all at the same time. this scent was truly inspired by the time we spend outside during fall. for me, this scent reminds me of chilly halloween nights as a kid trick-or-treating with my cousins. this is definitely a st. louis thing but if you don’t tell a joke when you’re trick or treating, you don’t get candy. i remember searching for the perfect joke and then in school the next day all sharing what our jokes were. it’s strange i know! so whether it’s a walk through your favorite park, a trip to the pumpkin patch, taking your kids trick-or-treating or just admiring the vibrant colors of the leaves from your window, i hope that fallen leaves becomes a fall staple in your home! 


hazelnut coffee

top notes: hazelnut
middle notes: coconut + coffee
base notes: maple, cream + vanilla

this one’s for all of you fresh coffee fans out there. hazelnut coffee is a little sweeter, and the hazelnut adds more depth than the staple from the signature scent. now, i personally am not a coffee drinker. i’ve tried so hard to like the taste but i can’t. i love tea, though and absolutely loved the pumpkin chai from last year’s fall collection. even though i don’t like the taste of coffee, i am in love with the smell of it! walking into a coffee shop and getting hit with the scent perks me up a bit and i love the scent of this coffee scent with a twist. i think the notes of maple and vanilla truly stand out with this one, and it makes a perfect addition to a lazy sunday. 


persimmon + tangerine

top notes: eucalyptus, orange peel + citron
middle notes: red currant, peach, tangerine + persimmon
base notes: bamboo + clove

since y’all loved sugared lemon + verbena so much this past spring, i wanted to bring a nice, bold citrus scent into the fall collection! you know that scene from america’s next top model where tyra banks says, “hoe but make it fashion”? that is the approach i took with this scent. i usually associate citrus scents with the warmer months in the spring and summer, and while i think this one can work all year, the notes of eucalyptus, bamboo and clove soften and compliment the range of citrus fruits, peach and berry. this scent is inspired by family gatherings and how excited everyone is to see each other, laugh and talk with one another and share a meal. this scent is fitting for welcoming guests into your home for thanksgiving gatherings or to give yourself a reminder that you will get the food done by the time everyone arrives!


pumpkin spiced lesbians

top notes: cinnamon + clove
middle notes: buttercream + pumpkin
base notes: smoke + vanilla

you really thought i was gonna leave you hanging without a true fall scent, didn’t you? a few weeks ago, i sent out a poll where you voted on fall and winter scents, and there was an option for coming up with fun, pride themed scents for fall and the holidays. these next three are also part of the fall collection, but i wanted to have some fun with the pride collection too! thank you katie for this- i absolutely love it and think it goes so well with the fun, light names of the others from the pride collection. this classic pumpkin scent is sweet and comforting, but has notes of smoke, clove and cinnamon to add a bit of spice and balance out the silky buttercream and pumpkin. who doesn’t love pumpkin spice with a bit of lesbian mixed in?



top notes: bergamot + spices
middle notes: mahogany
base notes: soft musk + woods

lumberdaddy was another submission! thank you johnathon. once i read the name i had the perfect scent for it. this scent smells exactly like a cozy fall evening spent snuggled up on the couch with your partner after you steal one of their sweatshirts. the notes of musk and bergamot only add to the comfy vibe this candle will give your home. i feel like once fall hits, we spend less time outside (i’ll miss you, patio weather) and more time inside. and personally, i love being at home, having lazy days rewatching stranger things, spending the day with a pot roast in the crockpot and sipping on apple cider. this scent is inspired by being snuggled up with a soft blanket and favorite sweats. 


the ghouls & the gays 

top notes: raspberry, strawberry + citrus
middle notes: blackberry + whipped cream
base notes: sugar crystals + sweet musk

i’ve never done a halloween themed candle before and i felt this was the perfect start! thank you jordan for the name submission! this sweet, spooky brew of berries, citrus and sugar is the ideal scent to burn while you’re carving pumpkins, watching your favorite scary movies and planning out this years costume. the soft musk in the base of this grounds the sugary sweet notes of fruit. the ghouls & the gays was inspired by halloween parties, scary movie marathons and festive drinks to celebrate this season of the year. from the return of spirit halloween stores around town, to the boom of pumpkin flavored everything and beanies, gloves and scarves replacing the swimsuit and sandal displays in stores this is such a fun scent to come home to and settle in for the night.



those are the six scents of the fall collection! i hope that by reading this fragrance deep dive you’ve made notes of which scents to grab and which rooms you’ll put them in. let me know in the comments which scent(s) you plan on snagging when the fall collection launches on 9/1.

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