behind the scents: the 2022 holiday collection

behind the scents: the 2022 holiday collection

i feel like i blinked and we're suddenly a month and a half away from december! the holidays are a time where we gather with family and friends, put up all the lights and decor and cozy up as we get through the shortest days of the year.

these seven scents feel so festive and fun, while also being versatile enough to burn/melt/diffuse throughout the new year. within the holiday collection, just like the fall collection, there are three pride scents because here at vcs, i'm all about celebrating pride 24/7/365.

let's do it!

homo for the holidays
top notes: cinnamon + sugar
middle notes: honey + butter
base notes: vanilla + cream

homo for the holidays was probably my all time favorite from the holiday scents i curated last winter and i was determined for it to make the cut for this collection. this scent is so cozy and sweet and will have your home feeling like you have a fresh batch of snickerdoodles in the oven! this scent reminds me of the annual 'cookie day' i do with my aunt, grandma, sister and cousins so it holds such a special place in my heart.

cheers, queers!
top notes: orange peel, cinnamon + lemon
middle notes: apple cider, red currant + cranberry
base notes: wood + red wine

i love this fruity and bright blend of citrus, spices, berries and wine. you might remember this scent as yuletide from the 2021 holiday collection. i love how this scent is not only perfect leading up to the holidays, but can be used in your home through the new year and beyond! cheers, queers! is such a lively scent and i think the cranberry, cinnamon and citrus really shine in this one.

spin the gay-del
top notes: apples + cinnamon
middle notes: sugar + cream
base notes: almond, vanilla + butter

this is the first hannukah candle i've done and i wanted to show some love to all the queer Jews out there! this scent will have you reminiscing on eating a fresh-out-of-the-oven cinnamon apple cake with your family. i think the notes of almond and apples really shine in this scent and i decided to go with blue mica for the wax melts to be festive and fun! spin the gay-del is equally sweet and fruity and works perfectly in any product you choose- this scent will make a perfect gift for your Jewish friends and family this hannukah.

top notes: saffron
middle notes: sandalwood, incense + clove
base notes: smoke, patchouli + amber

fireside is a scent meant for cozying up with while you wrap gifts and put on your favorite holiday record. the notes of amber, incense and clove really add a nice hint of warmth which makes this scent not so "it smells like a bonfire in here". i love how this is the perfect fireplace candle- the scent combined with the crackling wooden wick is a 10/10 if you're like me and don't have a fireplace! the melts blend beautifully with pretty much any scent to give a smoky, cozy vibe to dry gin & cypress or cheers, queers!.


top notes: ginger
middle notes: nutmeg, almond + cinnamon
base notes: sugar + molasses

gingerbread is a warm, sweet scent perfect for the upcoming holidays! the smell of fresh ginger mixed with nutmeg, cinnamon, almond and sugar will have your home full of a sweet and decadent scent that might make you a little hungry. gingerbread is a scent i've never done before and i'm looking forward to how y'all like them too. i think a blend recommendation for the gingerbread melts would be homo for the holidays for a cookie extravaganza or fireside for a cozy, cuddly moment on the couch. 


holly berry balsam
top notes: lemon, blackberry + eucalyptus
middle notes: cranberry + berry
base notes: incense, juniper + balsam

holly berry balsam is not your average winter scent. it is a beautiful blend of citrus, berries, eucalyptus, juniper and incense that will brighten your kitchen after a long day of thanksgiving prep, or perfect to put in your bathroom during your upcoming holiday party! if you're a fan of scents that hit two different scent categories- this one's for you.


dry gin & cypress
top notes: juniper
middle notes: gin + red currant
base notes: balsam, cypress, cedar + oak

dry gin & cypress will transport you to 100 years ago during the roaring twenties. imagine you've walked into a wood-paneled speakeasy during prohibition, jazz music in the background as flapper girls are ordering a round of gin and tonics at the bar. this scent is a refined blend of botanical gin and aged woods. if you received a december 2021 subscription box you will recognize this scent from then! i love this scent so much and i know you will too. 


all seven of these scents will drop on 11/1/22! sign up for the email list to get notified when these go live and let me know in the comments which scents you're most excited about. 

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