candle lingo 101

candle lingo 101

whether you're a candle snob or you've just gotten into burning candles, i'm here telling you today a few different terms you should know! these terms appear on the site and on other candlemaker's shops as well. 

the 'cold throw' basically just means how a candle smells before it has been lit. this is that first impression you get when you take the lid off of one of a candle and take that first whiff.

the 'hot throw' is not the opposite of cold throw, but it refers to how a candle smells while it is lit or burning. the hot throw is what fills your room with fragrance and will be the scent you'll notice when walking into a room where a candle is burning.

burn time is the amount of time it takes for the wax in a candle to be consumed completely. you can find burn time in the description of products on the site!

the melt pool of a candle means the size of the pool melted wax forms around a burning wick. as the melt pool gets larger the candle’s hot throw becomes stronger. it’s so important to let a candle’s wax pool go all the way to the edge of the container to prevent tunneling (tunneling is coming up).

ugh. tunneling might be the most dreaded problem a candle burner faces. tunneling happens when a candle burns straight down through the middle leaving excess wax on the edges, and the most common cause for this is not letting your candle form a full melt pool on the first burn. so when lighting your new candle make sure you have enough time for it to properly burn. candles have memory and if the first burn doesn't have a full melt pool, it is more likely that this is where your candle will stop burning the next time you light it.

a fragrance profile is a list of notes, or words used to describe the different fragrances that make up a scent. each fragrance profile is made up of top, middle and base notes, which are a little 'map' of the scent.

top notes are the first ones that you will notice, especially in the candle's cold throw. their molecules are smaller quicker than middle and base notes, but never fear! these notes do not fade from the overall fragrance of the candle.

middle notes are sometimes referred to as the ‘heart notes’ and they are complex and full-bodied. these notes often act as the middleman between the top notes and base notes, providing balance. the middle notes will be most noticeable when you're burning the candle, or from it's hot throw.

base notes are the anchors of the fragrance world. they help to ground a fragrance, and they hang around longer thanks to their larger molecules. they give a fragrance that final touch, and you'll find that these notes linger the most even after the candle has been blown out.

mushrooming is when wicks can get a build up at the top that is basically a build up of carbon. this build up is caused by *drumroll please* not trimming your wick! wooden wicks need to be trimmed to 1/8 of an inch. 

a lot of people have never used wax melts or aren't sure how to use them. wax melts, also sometimes referred to as wax tarts, are a flameless fragrance option, and they're little cubes that you throw into a warmer. the warmer will melt them, filling the room with fragrance and then instead of blowing out a flame, you can just turn it off!

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