how long do wax melts last?

how long do wax melts last?


the question: how many times can you melt, re melt, and melt (again) your wax melts?

the answer: as many times as YOU want! i personally use the same one or two cubes in my melter until the fragrance evaporates- usually 20 to 30 hours of fragrance. 


i have a couple questions for you- and i want you to answer these honestly!

  1. how long do you leave your melter on?
  2. how many cubes of wax do you melt at a time?


how long you leave your melter going and how many cubes you melt at a time can factor into how long your wax melts last. 

let’s say you have a warmer on your desk and you turn it on at the beginning of your day, same as when you make your first cup of coffee. you leave it on throughout your work day, then turn it off when you close your computer and get started on dinner. 

now i’m absolutely horrible at math (i failed algebra 2 twice lol) but if you’re working 40 hours a week then you’re going to be going through your melts a lot quicker than if you were to turn yours on when you’re doing a load of laundry. (3 hours weekly if you’re a super human and fold and put away your clothes as soon they come out of the dryer, or 3 days if you’re like me)


if you’re curious about how to clean out your gorgeous 2-in-1 warmer, click this link here and you’ll find a tiktok i made showing you an easy way to do it! 


and if you still have questions, leave a comment and i’ll answer them for ya! 


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