how to buy candles online: a guide to understanding note profiles

how to buy candles online: a guide to understanding note profiles

hi there, tyra here! people always ask what my favorite part of making candles is, and hands-down it's is adding the fragrance! it's so much fun pouring out the fragrance oil, mixing it together to then be poured into the vessels.

all of our scents are made with phthalate-free fragrances! and a good handful of them have essential oils infused into them. when you're trying to figure out which scent to get, take a look at the note profile, which breaks down the top, middle and base notes of each fragrance.

are you unsure of how to make sense of the note profiles? let me break it down for ya:

top notes are the notes that you'll smell the most when the candle isn't lit, or the cold throw of a candle. for example, our white sage + lavender candle has a top note of lavender, and when you first smell it when the package is delivered, that is the strongest scent you'll notice.

middle (or heart) notes are the notes you'll notice when the candle is burning, or the hot throw of a candle! our queer af candle has middle notes of palo santo, violet and saffron. these will be the strongest notes when your candle is burning, or your wax melts are melting.

base notes are the notes you'll notice more after the candle has been blown out. our gooey butter cake candle has a base note of vanilla, which will linger in your space after you've extinguished the flame.

if you need a way to find the best scent for you, try the new our scent quiz here! once you complete the quiz, a full list of scent recommendations will be sent straight to your inbox.

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