the 1/13 candle-making workshop at lokey designs

the 1/13 candle-making workshop at lokey designs

doing a candle-making workshop has always been something i've wanted to do. after my best friend, taylor took me to a self-led candle making experience when i went to visit her in washington dc i decided to finally begin planning a concept and executing the idea. i was recommended to reach out to laura of lokey designs and i did just that. i went to meet with her at her gorgeous studio here in st. louis that's full of plants and the most beautiful and welcoming environment. we then picked out two dates, the first one being january 13th, and the second one being a galentine's day workshop. 


so i picked out the jars, the scents i wanted to offer, and started piecing together all of the little details to make it special and interactive. there were only 12 spots available, so i put the tickets up for sale and it sold out in 24 HOURS!  


then i did all of the prep-work i needed to do: creating the supplies kits, filling up everyone's selected fragrance oil bottles, figuring out logistics, creating goodie bags and preparing myself to instruct 12 people on how to make candles.


then the day came! i was super excited but also extremely nervous... i'm an introvert and the thought of talking to a room full of strangers was really playing with my anxiety. but my wife, darline and i went to set up everything and it went perfectly! the following photos were taken by an awesome local photographer, @maddiekphotos




if you've ever wanted to do a candle-making class or workshop, sign up for the workshop mailing list here so you can be notified for the next one! workshops are so much fun for me to host, and i would love to have you! 


xo, tyra

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