the inspiration behind the spring collection

the inspiration behind the spring collection

the spring collection is HERE and we are so excited about it. springtime is when the sun shines a little warmer, the trees begin to go green again, flowers begin to bloom and the frost finally subsides. our spring collection brings to mind our favorite parts of spring: sugared lemon + verbena for a refreshing take on spring cleaning, matcha latte for the bright colors and tastes we love, and gardenia + tuberose for the fresh cut flowers we grow in our garden.

a lot of people ask: where do you get your inspiration for your scents? and genuinely, we look at the things around us that bring back memories, give us those feelings that we experience during a specific time of year, moment, or with a specific person. 

with the spring collection, we wanted to take moments from the season to turn into scents that will live in every corner, table, or space in your home. so let's dive into the inspiration behind the spring collection!


sugared lemon + verbena:

sugared lemon + verbena note profile

sugared lemon + verbena takes sweet notes of sugar and benzoin (aka tree sap) and blends bright notes of lemon peel and lemon with herbal lemongrass, lemon verbena and a light hint of musk. when we smell this scent, we immediately think of spring cleaning, refreshing your space and fresh air. citrus scents are always a solid staple, but the difference between this scent and the grapefruit + mint from our signature collection is, this one is a bit more straight forward than the earthy notes of mint that mingle with the grapefruit and rhubarb. this scent will work well in kitchens, bathrooms, or any spot in your home that needs a bit of rejuvenation.

sugared lemon + verbena candle

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matcha latte:

matcha latte note profile

whether you like your matcha lattes iced or hot, this scent will satisfy those cravings. herbal green tea kicks off this scent, giving way to a heart note of creamy oat milk. bright matcha powder rounds out this scent for the perfect scent that reminds you of your favorite coffee shop. the inspiration behind this scent is the bright greenery that begins to bloom that matches the deep color of matcha powder, the iced matcha lattes we enjoy on slow sunday mornings, and taking a walk at our favorite park. this unique scent works well in any room in your home, from your home office to your coffee table.

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gardenia + tuberose: 

what is spring without fresh flowers? gardenia + tuberose is inspired by the flowers we either grow in our gardens, or have picked up to brighten our homes. paired with the sounds of birds chirping, sunshine and packing away our winter coats to bring out our light jackets and sandals. this dreamy scent begins with top notes of gardenia and lemon peel, and it welcomes the blossoming heart of tuberose, jasmine and green florals. a soft, powdery finish gives depth to this fresh and floral scent. whether you're shopping for mother's day, or waiting for the flowers in your garden to bloom, gardenia + tuberose is an ideal springtime scent.

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