top notes: citrus, cinnamon + chrysanthemum
middle notes: apple, berry + green leaves
base notes: pecan + cedar

fallen leaves will remind you of going on a walk during the fall months and feeling the crunch of leaves under your feet, and feeling the chill of the autumn breeze on your skin. this scent starts off with hints of citrus and cinnamon, which gives way to the heart notes of apple and berry for sweetness and leaves for extra earthiness. base notes of pecan and cedar round this super cozy scent. 

2.75 oz. of flame-less fragrance! the clamshell that the wax melts are in are recyclable under code 3, and 1-2 cubes of these wax melts will give you about 20 hours of fragrance. handcrafted in small batches in st. louis, missouri.