top notes: sugar, cardamom + cinnamon
middle notes: chestnut, clove + amaretto
base notes: caramelized sugar, butter + tonka

sugared chestnut is cozy, nutty, sweet and festive. think of christmas eve, sitting next to the fireplace with your loved ones around, laughing and enjoying time together after a long 18+ months of isolation. top notes of sugar and spice open this scent up to the hearty notes of chestnut and amaretto. the base notes of caramelized sugar, butter and tonka round out this scent perfectly for a cozy snow day. melt these you throw on your favorite cozy pajamas and snuggle on the couch for a holiday movie marathon.


2.75 oz. of flame-less fragrance! the clamshell that the wax melts are in are recyclable under code 3, and 1-2 cubes of these wax melts will give you about 20 hours of fragrance. handcrafted in small batches in st. louis, missouri.