Warning: DO. NOT. EAT. Seriously, you will be tempted!

This Snickerdoodle candle is perfect for when you want your home to smell like you just baked a batch of warm, delicious Snickerdoodle cookies but don't want to actually bake them. The top notes of sugar and cinnamon blend perfectly with the notes of butter, vanilla, and cream to invoke a sense of wintry, warm nostalgia. Pairs well with fuzzy socks and your favorite Holiday movie.


Top Notes: Cinnamon + Sugar
Middle Notes: Honey + Butter
Base Notes: Vanilla + Cream

2.75 oz. of flame-less fragrance! The clamshell that the wax melts are in are recyclable under code 3, and 1-2 cubes of these wax melts will give you about 20 hours of fragrance. Handcrafted in small batches in St. Louis, MO.