Top Notes: Powder + Amaretto
Middle Notes: Tonka + Balsam
Base Notes: Rum, Light Musk, Dark Musk + Oud

Tonka + Oud is a gentle and woodsy scent. Light this up as you set up on the couch with your honey for a movie night or as you're tidying up the house. Infused with essential oils such as cedarwood, palmarosa and lemon, Tonka and Oud will be your new favorite "everyday" home fragrance. Made with a soy wax blend, a premium, phthalate-free fragrance that is infused with essential oils and a crackling wood wick. Hand-poured in St. Louis, MO in small batches. 4 oz. will burn for 20 hours, 8 oz. candle will burn for 40 hours, 16 oz. candle will burn for 60 hours.